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Represents the main component of the Land Forces and has the purpose to conduct decisive operations, independently or with other branches, in any area and on any direction.
Is the branch for fire support of combat forces operations, being the main tool of fire strike of land and at surface water objectives.
Mountain Infantry:
Is the military special branch from Land Forces constitution trained to develop operations independently and in cooperation with other forces, in mountain - afforested ground, on directions and in hard accessible areas, in any weather conditions.
Represent the main force of strike, resulted from joining of specific properties: fire power, mobility and capacity of maneouvers, the high possibilities of protection of the staff against effects of the classic armaments and weapons of mass destruction, the capacity of influencing in a decisive manner the enemy moral.
Missiles and anti-air artillery:
Have as main mission the Land Forces air defense, meant for the discovery and destruction of enemy air assets.
Communications and information structures:
Are meant to accomplish and maintain the Land Forces communications with specific technical tools, command automation and respective systems security providing.
Is the military branch meant to secure, centralise, analyze and exploit the information about enemy, field, hydro-meteorological conditions, NBC situation, sanitary-epidemic, telecommunications and material assets status.
Provide the engineer operations support and coordinate forces engineer protection, independently or in cooperation with the other branches.
NBC defense units and sub-units:
Develop actions in order to avoid NBC contamination, to diminish the percentage of casualties and looses, to maintain the operational capability of forces and to intensify those resources in order to continue the operations in an NBC environment.
Are specialized to conduct ample missions that imply air transportation and staff and materials parachuting
Military Police
The history of the Romanian Military Police is close related to the history of Romanian gendarmerie, being a sort of part of it. It should be noticed that at the origins the gendarmerie was set up as a part of Ministry of War.

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The Chief of the Romanian Land Forces Staff, Major General Dumitru Scarlat, met on Tuesday, January 6, with The Adjutant General of Alabama Army an.../ ..continued